Typically I won't associate myself with such high sugar content, but this particular occasion needed some of these good ole cinnamon-sugar Pancake Puppies® with creamy vanilla ice cream topped with hot fudge and whipped cream. 
Listen up. Denny's has acquired a reputation for "iffy" food, poor service from the employees, and a run-down location. False! It is not sketch-in fact, the servers are almost always up to par. For people working the night owl shift, they sure always seem happy to see my crew and I commend them for giving my friends and I a fantastic experience every time.

Just in case you didn't know,
2 subpar IHOP pancakes=$4.
2 Denny's pancakes(choice of original buttermilk or whole-wheat batter) TO START=$4. All you can eat. Be delighted; Choose Denny's 24-hour Diner.
*Photo Credit: Annie Green[myself.]

The Life and Times of a College Kid.

Alright, I'm going to go ahead and stereotype. Most, yes a majority of college kids experience a lack of funds whether because they spend all of their dinero the moment they arrive on outside activites, on shopping, or other purchases or merely because they are attempting to be frugal with the supply they do have. Either way you look at it, students of Generation Y(ages 19-26) are generally less opposed to experiencing rather out of the ordinary experiences. My personal interpretation for this thought is seen through my food choices and the discoveries I make when pairing unusual counterparts together. Residing within the dorms on campus, I have no access to:
-an oven
-a microwave
-a refridgerator.
Yes, you saw that last piece correctly. Typical day in the life of Annie Green-food of our impeccable cafeteria. Does yours have Ahi Poke? I thought not. Though we are privileged with these unique opitions, the cafeteria isn't always so providing. In fact, rarely do I find fish cooked in this food hall.
Thus, the Cultured and Adventurous palette has been born for the college campus. Finding healthy options isn't unobtainable-you just have to know the right people and the right places. Struggling to resist that plate of Tomato Basil Pasta with Xtra Large Meatballs? I've been there. It is possible to enjoy real, natural flavors of our world!
Humans made recipes of the past that most likely seemed far-fetched[PB and J?!]-I'm here to provide oddly created recipes for the future as well as pictures of my diet! Stay tuned foodies-it's about to be Hunger Time!