I promise I'll pay you back.

Banks across the states create revenue simply by applying 24 hour access to their ATMS. We are consumers, and to consume, the necessary funds must be obtainable during any period of the day. Similar to this lust for green paper, our stomach's call for cuisine varys on the hour enforcing this idea of random hunger pangs. No matter the time, food should be available;yet at what cost to our poor taste buds? 

Well-known chains serving up all-you-can-eat pancakes, or 20-piece McNugget meals for a midnight snack settle the quest for a content feeling of fullness, yet do we really satisfy the craving we were longing for?

Picture a pastel pink entity distributing passionately prepared gourmet cupcakes 24 hours a day. Baking 600 every morning solely for what their calling an ATM, the original cupcakery Sprinkles recently declared a food revolution. Located in Beverly Hills, CA, the ATM allows consumers to easily scroll through an aesthetically pleasing design of cupcake flavors, choose their sugary delight, and literally watch the robotic arm select their box of joy to be enjoyed. 

A cupcake ATM. Why consume another mediocre pancake when an upscale mini cake lingers to be devoured? A delicious transaction to say the least, satisfy your hunger's worth.


Texturize your Brunch.

Oatmeal gets brownie points for providing fiber, whole grains, and a satisfying feeling to start your day, yet with an additional dollop of calcium packed yogurt, your taste buds are treated to the sweetness you desire without packing on the maple brown sugar. Sprinkle a handful of raisins on top and your nutritional benefits will skyrocket.

Eggs consistently make the cut as a brunch staple making partners with ketchup, cheddar cheese, or Tabasco sauce. Next time, be adventurous and salsafy your canvas of egg whites with chunky verde sauce. Dress up your healthy decisions with spicy pazazz.