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Similar to the beautiful swan in a sea of ugly generic ducklings capturing our passive attention, I automatically filter the information I desire by regarding food photography at the top of my social media hierarchy. As I was participating in my daily Facebook stalk across my Newsfeed today, my eyes instantly were attracted to a post displaying an image of a three tier cake. Upon this individual alluring discovery, I was redirected to another website, particularly in blog fashion.

As I indulged in the delightful writing style, and details of the entry regarding a, "Pistachio Four Tier Cake[equipped with multiple layers of bittersweet chocolate ganache, homemade marzipan, raspberry preserves, and the starring layers of pistachio infused sponge cake]" I found myself pleasantly intrigued to further evaluate her recipes.

Deb, referred to as the Writer, Cook, Photographer and Occasional Dishwasher, has a certain humorous spirit to her descriptions, while still remaining creditable as a reliable at home chef. A bit of her bio explains~

"Deb likes bourbon, artichokes, things that taste like burnt sugar and baked goods with funny names. She is aghast that there are cooks who actually clean as they go, preferring to leave a bombed-out mess of dishes and a thin film of flour behind in her cooking wake."

As a fellow foodie documenting my own culinary creations, I applaud Deb for celebrating classic cuisine in such a fashion. So next time your looking to surpass Rhubarb's extreme bitterness in a crumble^,[http://smittenkitchen.com/2011/05/rhubarb-streusel-muffins/] or pair the earthy taste of butternut squash with the carmelization of sweet onions as a complement[http://smittenkitchen.com/2007/10/butternut-squash-and-caramelized-onion-galette/], Deb has the contentment of your taste buds and vision covered. 

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