Initiation: Feast of Roses

A deliciously rich Devil's food cake combined with fluffy chocolate whipped frosting and a layer of dark chocolate cream spread across the top of each slice. Complimented by a freshly picked raspberry, the cake will melt in your mouth and melt your soul into a sweet blissful abyss. *Baked by Sodexo

A Harvest salad equipped with fresh berries, spinach, candied walnuts, purple onions, and topped by crumbled feta cheese. A palette cleanser, or great beginning to a gourmet meal, this salad was a lovely addition to a Winter themed dinner. 

Pesto Palooza! Sodexo provided us a creamy pesto blanketed penne pasta with roasted red bell peppers, squares of grated Parmesan cheese, and a sprig of basil.
*Photo Credit: Annie Green[myself.]

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