I've never been one for dressing...

...so I experiment. I am not reluctant to challenge my palette with innovative combinations of ingredients. Though many find certain decisions regarding my food choices to be a bit too peculiar, let us reflect on the iconic Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich. Whoever initially received credit for joining these two unlikely partners together within two pieces of bread most likely didn't receive any credit at all; this is how we discover potentially classic combinations: by overstepping the boundaries that society labels "normal".

The above image is a combination of lettuce, vegetarian chili from Trader Joe's, and Grape Nuts to add texture[crunch!] without completely overpowering the spices from the bean soup. Grape Nuts may appear odd with chili and lettuce, yet the already bland flavor of the barley cereal doesn't taste weird, and merely delights your tongue with an added crunch!  In fact, curry or soup as a "dressing" to salads not only surprises your taste buds with the contrasting temperatures, but is a healthy alternative to the fat injected dressings that sit on our hips.
*Photo Credit: Annie Green[myself.]

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