Those Large Bitter Balls.

They linger next to the sweet commonly consumed oranges, tart sweet apples, and [hopefully] crunchy grapes. Being about the size of a softball, most know this fruit as the bitter avoidable fruit that shouldn't be given a chance in our sugar addicted society.

Here is your challenge: Eat an entire grapefruit: plain.

The natural bittterness after the initial slices will fade and the delightfully tart taste will ascend onto your taste buds. After maturing my palette with no added additives to my cuisine like salt on vegetables or avoiding honey in tea when possible, the all natural bare item allowed me to discover how incredible the raw fruit could be to my system. Develop that Cultured and Adventurous palette: I eat grapefruits on a daily basis, plain, for breakfast. A marvelous start to the day with great health benefits;you can make this happen as well.

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