Zico Mango flavored Coconut Water

Coconut water, orange juice, and honey make up the "Hangover Rx" at True Food Kitchen  at Fashion Island.(Newport Beach, CA) Showcasing the abilities of this refreshing drink, coconut water is a great remedy for those looking to bring in the New Year with extra pazazz in their system, or simply just to receive a boost of energy. Coconut Water also has been proven to be a great recovery drink after an intense workout aiding in muscle building, while providing a desired alternative to water.
Though the Waterboy fought for H20 over Gaaatorade, I'm sure he would be satisfied with Zico's Mango infused Coconut Water. Neither sweet, nor bland, this version provides the tang of a young coconut, without being overpowered by additives or artificial sweeteners like other sports drinks.
Just stepped off that treadmill? Sip on Zico's product. 

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