An Undiscovered Gem from Trader Joe's

You know how everyone says it isn't acceptable to eat while standing up? (As if gorging on a Triple Decker dark chocolate drizzled Devil's food cake is any better for you sitting down.) Well those who believe this notion obviously have never come face to face with a cardboard cereal box at the midnight hour.

Cereal. Possibly one of the best processed creations given to society for it's convenience, variability, and taste. This delectable commodity can be eaten for Breakfast, but when providing the perfect balance of puff to extreme crunch, Trader Joe's Honey, Almond, & Flax 9 Grain Crunch cereal pleases at any point in the day.

Similar, but oh so much better(and cheaper!) than Kashi! Go Lean Crunch, this cereal packs 560mg of Omega 3's(the "good fats" from Flax seed!), 8 grams of Fiber, 10 grams of Protein, and 15 grams of Whole grain in ONE SERVING. Slivered almonds, the sweetness of nature honey, and the obnoxiously loud crunch from each bite are what make this cereal a healthful and worthwhile item to add to my cultured and adventurous palette. Normally found on the bottom shelf of their cereal aisle, you're welcome.

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