Will Paula Deen give up Butter? Funny joke in my opinion.

After three years of hiding her Type 2 Diabetes to the public, everyone's favorite Food Network star Paula Dean finally has revealed her status, but in grand fashion. While continuing to deep fry graham-crusted cheesecake, and slather ingredients in sugar, cream, and her favorite butter, this Southern belle will also be advocating "Diabetes in New Light," and the drug Victoza which Deen has taken for nearly five months. 

A bit hypocritical wouldn't you say? Being an avid viewer and fan of the Food Network for it's celebration of healthier choices without comprising beautiful presentation, quality of cuisine, and impeccable[accessible] taste, Paula Deen has never rubbed me the right way(even with her slimy weapon of butter). She may be down to Earth, but hopping on the bandwagon for nutritional living shouldn't change her image too fast.

At least the Network itself is doing something to combat our ever increasing obesity rates by following overweight chefs and their transition into a healthier lifestyle on "Fat Chef". 

"I've learnt that tasting means tasting, not tasting the same dish five times," Vitella, one of the chefs followed on the show states on catering. I'm intrigued to witness their progress, and also applaud this show's spotlight on an issue heavily publicized, yet not necessarily taken action against. *information from USAToday. 


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