Indulge in more than Chocolate and Romance on V-Day

I never have had a legitimate Valentine any time February 14th has rolled around, but this fact hasn't sacrificed my reasoning to buy myself some Hershey's Kisses and Hugges(with their ribboned white chocolate wrapped around milky chocolate;bliss) to munch on myself. Though this holiday is completely artificial equipped with the mythical Cupid matchmaking our hearts with dangerously romantic arrows, us Forever aloners shant be frightened to join the celebration.

Love is love. A love from a man to his best friend(yes, his loyal dog), a love from sister to sister, or a strong loving friendship. With so many reasons to celebrate our relationships, I was thrilled, actually completely enthralled by one of my favorite restaurants special Three-Course-Meal created specifically for this day.

For $25 a person, True Food Kitchen offers a globally inspired menu featuring various sustainable and aesthetically pleasing foods. Ranging from Edamame Dumplings with Sprouts and White Truffle Oil to Spaghetti Squash accompanied by Fresh Mozzerella, Organic Tomato, and Zucchini, your palette is sure to be happy. [Their usual menu is impeccably delicious as well; especially brunch. Gluten-Free Quinoa Johnny Cakes with Agave Syrup, Greek Yogurt anyone?]

The dessert menu has a sampling of three of their infamous creations including Flourless Chocolate cake. I personally haven't had the priviledge of ordering this item, but by the reviews my Vegan friends have exclaimed out of gratitude, I don't believe its far off to say it's rather heavenly after an entree.

And on that note, Love really is just love. For me, that love is innovative food.


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