A Celebration of Sugary INNOVATIVE sensations.

I emphasize the word innovative due to the type of food described within this post. Dessert and I have had our moments both good and bad, yet at the moment we have mutually decided to act apathetic towards each other. If someone offers their culinary creation perfected in the kitchen for several hours, I will have a sample or two to avoid being rude.

Other than this situation, the end of my average meal will not include a buttery, sweet, or flakey food. Judging this factor of my persona, it takes something special, something completely unique and adventurous to spark my interest in this category.

Since signing up for Tasting Table's newsletter in January, I have enjoyed receiving concise yet intriguing blurbs about restaurants, recipes, and cuisine. Today I wasn't moved to view their list of the "Best Pastry Chefs 2012", however after clicking through a bit of their photo essay, I was 100% on the bandwagon to appreciate a little sugar in my life.

Ranging from a Beet Cake with Goat's Milk Ice cream to signature grapefruit givré [combining spun strands of sesame halvah, soft Turkish delight and grapefruit sorbet, and capped with a caramel-orange tuile], to the "ultimate" Vegan Peanut Butter Cup(claiming to be better than the original Reeses) you will be invested at first glance; guarenteed.

Ever heard of FoodPornDaily.com? This is that, times 50. Noms. 

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