The Tasting Table.

Already intrigued solely by the title? Who would decline an invitation to taste, well, anything? At least with my cultured and adventurous palette, access to provided cuisine isn't taken lightly; I appreciate food and where it comes from.

So when participating in my usual navigation of the internet while lying in my dorm bed(typical college kid with her laptop, I know) I stumbled upon(copyright StumbleUpon?) this website which instantly appealed to my eye with modern graphics, and delightful food-related phrases.


Apparently with permission to your email, this site will provide us foodies with high quality recipes from renowned chefs in our Metropolitan area of choice, updates on chic events tailored to our palettes, and various travel, entertaining, and menu ideas to please those we associate with. Essentially endeavoring a similar quest to become an adventurous eater, I recommend you embark on this journey with me.

Food is involved; what do we have to loose?
[Follow them on Twitter: @TastingTable or @TastingTableLA or @TastingTableSF]

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