A Zestier Liquefied Experience.

Zest. An adjective generally associated with the peel of a neon colored sour fruit. Though lemons possess the ability to significantly transform an ordinary meal into a dining experience, my inclusion of zing in another often perceived average food made our soup that much more tantalizing.

Taken from a cookbook equipped with a variety of soups, we chose to recreate  Roasted Sweet Potato Soup with Ginger Crisp. The final product was dished into a crisp white plate contrasting with the rich burnt orange color and sprinkle of browned ginger crisp. Though the silky ripples of the manually liquefied bliss were beautifully presented, you can only imagine the electrifying experience of actually sampling the dish.

Encompassing a rather small list of healthy ingredients, the bold flavor combinations fused nicely with roasted sweet potatoes, orange juice, ginger, and several hints of sugar & spice. In this manner, the recipe allowed the delicious nutrients to shine as a cohesive unit. Paired with a light mixed green salad with goat cheese crumble, pumpkin seeds, chopped celery, and Asian pear, that last small touch of a few candles will set you off into a romantically gourmet evening.

Gourmet cuisine and quality are my standards when cooking in the kitchen, yet until this recipe, I never would have paired soup within this category.

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